This Steven Fry interview (more like Fry riffing for 30 mins) is just jam-packed with wisdom and sage advice. 

my highlights:

-technology is like a mirror
-chasing a technique is fatal
-the worst thing you can ever do in life is to set goals
-work is more fun than fun (that’s the ‘real’ goal)
-it’s constant journey, it’s not a process
-other people are always more interesting than oneself
-“I need” - that’s why nobody likes them
-if you just say “I” all the time then you get nowhere
-if you’re interested in other people, then other people want to be around you
-don’t expect people to care
-if you catch yourself saying “me” or “I” too often you’re on the wrong track
-be shameless about the people you admire, rush headlong towards what you admire
-sharing the benefits of life is the benefit of life
-what counts the most is kindness, cheerfulness